Friday, April 3, 2009

101 goals in 1,001 days

Start date: Saturday April 4th, 2009
End date: Sometime in 2012

The concept is simple: Think of 101 goals that you can accomplish in 1,001 days. They can be big or small. When you do accomplish one, cross it out and share your progress with everyone.

001. Spend an entire day in complete silence.
002. Write a letter to no one and release it into the wind.
003. Color every picture in a coloring book.
004. Carve my name into a tree.
005 Attend an art festival.
006. Learn Sign Language.
007. Pick flowers and give them to someone significant.
008. Purchase a new phone.
009. Create a mixtape.
010. Smile at every person I see for one day.
011. get a MacBook.
012. Lose my ego. accomplished in 16/5/2009
013. Admit all my secrets to someone.
014. Wake up at sunrise.
015. meet a celebrity and totally shun him/her
016. tell someone fat that they need to lose weight. accomplished in 12/04/2009
017. be vegan for a month.
018. smoke an entire cigarette.
019. lecture over 40 people about something I like. accomplished in 18/05/2009
020. Read at least one Hemingway novel.
021. Cook all my meals for a week.
022. Write a song.
023. Make my own shirt.
024. Finish my Red Journal so that there are no blank pages left.
025. Apply for a job.
026. Get dressed up for no good reason.
027. Read A Clockwork Orange.
028. Drink 8 bottles of water a day for one week.
029. Still have a blog in 1001 days (haha).
030. get Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind poster and hang it on my wall. accomplished in 18/04/2009
031. have my photo taken in a photo booth.
032. Win a bet.
033. complete a random act of kindness.
034. Watch Casablanca.
035. check out a library book and leave notes in it.
036. Knit a scarf.
037. Learn to recognize 5 constellations.
038. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy.
039. Learn how to format a PC.
040. paint my own mug!
041. Get an A in a class. Seriously.
042. Turn a stranger into a friend in the course of a day.
043. Go out and take random pictures.
044. Write down everything that happened on 09/09/09, 10/10/10, and 11/11/11.
045. Do the 26 Things project.
046. finish Catch 22.
047. finish Wuthering Heights.
048. Win something.
049. Collect a postcard from somewhere I visit.
050. Write a thank you note for every gift I receive.
051.Write a letter to my future kid.
052. Make smoothie for breakfast for a day.
053. Go to a museum.
054. Listen to and ENJOY 3 new bands.
055. save up for something really important to me.
056. make a mix CD and leave it for someone to find.
057.pull an all nighter for no reason.
058. Buy new glasses.
059. paint my nails a new color every day for a week.
060. create a new favorite mixed drink.
061. donate blood.
062. pick a new favorite number. accomplished in 23/04/2009
063. Send book that I have read to someone to read it.
064. Write a letter to myself about everything I should know in five years, seal it, and don't open it until the five years is up.
065. Read a biography.
066. Try sushi.
067. Fix someone else's computer.
068. get a book about Andy Warhol.
069. Make a flyer for an event and distribute it.
070. Get a golden fish. accomplished in 01/07/2009
071. Answer every question with "yes" for one day.
072. Read more Chuck Palahniuk.
073. Watch a foreign film.
074. Begin a running program.
075.Get 250 Followers on twitter.
076. Reply to 5 famous people on Twitter.
077. Live without TV a month.
078. Pull an all-nighter with someone.
079. Lay off MSN for one week.
080. Complete a game of Scrabble.
081. Complete a game of Monopoly.
082. Learn the names of twenty different types of flowers.
083. Eat something exotic.
084. Find out my favorite food.
085. Write down 20 things that I like about myself. accomplished in 10/04/2009
086. Dance in the rain, even just for a little bit.
087. Bake cupcakes. accomplished in 03/07/2009
088. Remind myself everyday that I’m perfectly fine the way I am. accomplished in 04/04/2009
089. buy a watch and wear it everyday.
090. buy a piece of art.
091. Draw something every day for a week.
092. Take my sister to the mall and let her pick out one thing.
093. Do one completely selfish thing.
094. Do one unselfish thing.
095. Buy a Polaroid camera and film.
096. Go on a walk and take pictures with my polaroid.
097. watch the Watchmen.
098. Sit on a rooftop.
099. Get paid to do something I'm good at.
100. Take the TOEFL.
101. Take an online editing/grammar course.


the crazy jogger said...

shud I make a list too? sounds interesting..

Charade said...

Why not?
I encourage you to make the most of your life.

Miss said...

Interesting list! I'm sure u're going to accomplish it pretty soon insha'allah.. liked most of the items and the idea in general.. Way to go girl! =D

Raisa said...

you know what, imma do that list,
soon c:

luved yours btw

Café Chick said...

I enjoyed reading through your list of goals. Goal #59 sounds like lots of fun, while #1 would be one of my hardest to achieve, lol! All the best with your list.

sa said...


仔仔Kevin said...
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