Thursday, March 26, 2009

me and computers

So I've been known to have the worst history when it comes to abusing personal devices. Computers specifically.
my first laptop slipped from my fingers and smashed into the floor in front of my eyes while I stood helpless reviewing the incident in slow motion over and over again.

and my second laptop didn't last long either before it got its share of my drink one night while getting very excited over online convo (was the first and last time!).

Three years from this I moved on and I kept waiting for the next disaster, I stayed away from drinks and shaky grounds but I knew something bad is going to happen and it did finally.

Only this time I got nothing to do with it. the guy from computer store who was supposed to format it once restored the original monitor card with another burned copy which fucked the whole computer. yeah I'm so very lucky I know.

in the meantime this is my current indulgence :

It's kind of like therapy you know, I didn't say a good one but it helps.


Anonymous said...

Awww, thanks dear. I'll try to publish it as a book soon.

the crazy jogger said...

WHT?? ur computer's Graphic Card burned!! OMGG!!! Sorry to hear that :(

Charade said...

@Hidden Note
yeah you do that!

it's okay Imma get a new one soon (hopefully) :(

Raisa said...

you know, am the exact opposite of you :D am not bragging or anything but I still use my five year old laptop and it still works like a new one

really sorry about the whole thing, it'll pass,

so what you getting? ..a Mac?

Charade said...

You made me curious, what laptop do you have?

maybe I'll get yours bahaha

Raisa said...

mine is HP pavillion dv5000, it's big and heavy we started calling 'him' the stud :p

and I wouldn't say don't buy, but go and see for yourself,

am getting a Mac as soon as i can, good luck computer's slayer!

Ahmed said...

Why don't u use Desktop? since u r suffering from this ;s

Charade said...

Why I actually liked the nickname ..
And thank you.

I thought about it and I need laptop for college projects Besides, I do travel a lot!

Anonymous said...


仔仔Kevin said...