Friday, April 10, 2009

085. Write down 20 things that I like about myself.

  1. my hair
  2. the almond shaped eyes
  3. how I spot on everyone else’s weaknesses
  4. that I don't look like majority of people
  5. my music taste
  6. when I put on heavy make up sometimes I look like a doll
  7. when I look at photos of me I feel that I'd like to know me
  8. my patience
  9. my thin figure
  10. I don't settle for less
  11. I scare people off (first impression)
  12. I know what makes them happy
  13. the aptitude to learn new things everyday
  14. my pale skin
  15. my long fingers
  16. my eyelashes
  17. my jaw line
  18. the shape of my mouth in a good day
  19. how I over-analyze everything to the point that it's almost a curse
  20. that I write A LOT.

I wanted to write list of the things I liked about myself down not because I thought I'm 'kewl' or to show off in front of you guys ... but simply because I always wanted to take the time and ponder upon the things which I've found worth noticing in me .


Raisa said...

show off ! :D

and lol at #7,
you know i had that though but in the form of, if i met myself and i was someone else ..loca q:

now, ..99 to go

Charade said...

hey I know what loca is.
and I know it doesn't mean well but i'm okay with it cuz I like you Raisa :P

the crazy jogger said...

OH boy.