Sunday, May 24, 2009

019. lecture over 40 people about something I like.

Okay so I knew I was going to present this course and I added it to a goal list to encourage myself.
That was last Monday. I stood there two hours explaining Photoshop CS for beginners, the whole thing was an intense experience and there were some awkward moments like
1- when someone asked me the last 10 minutes" how could we conceal a body and keep the cloth on?" Okay first of all what kind of sick question is that? I kept asking her why would you wanna cut the model's body off of her?
gladly someone from my group came to rescue and answered the girl.
2- some stuff didn't work as planned. I hate vector brushes let's just put it this way.
3- Throughout the entire first hour before the break someone kept looking at my direction and using the most disgusting facial expressions to disturb me. What a lowlife.

so yeah that's pretty much it. The audience feedback came today though. take a look at the results

benefit 29 3 0 0 0
methods variety
28 4 0 0 0
trainer's tactics
22 9 1 0 0
audience interaction
28 4 0 0 0

wtf someone gave me C ?
Apparently my tactics weren't satisfactory. As for an anti-social person I consider this a massive progression.

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