Sunday, May 17, 2009

012. Lose my ego.

In order to challenge myself I took a decision about two months ago and that was to become the leader of a group.
I never expected it but this decision is making me accomplish my goals one by one ..
Losing my ego was one of them.

When you lead a group of four, You lose not only your egotism but every sense of false security you shielded yourself with.
I'm one of those people who used to hold on to trivial matters and consider them back stabs, being exposed and criticized by people you hardly met is new to me. I'm experiencing the other side of everything. I don't think I've ever ignored a negative reaction in my life as I'm learning to do right now.

Realization hit me while installing Photoshop CD on lab C-01 for 40 computers on behalf of the four girls I led.. my foolish pride had disappeared, my goal's accomplished!


Raisa said...

don't lose your pride, just store it soewhere "safe"..

and way to go charade c:

Charade said...