Friday, April 24, 2009

062. pick a new favorite number.

I think I always wanted a favorite number. not because I don't have one, but because almost every couple of years or so I pick a new number as my favorite, turns out many had that number before I did.

I chose 2 once. I thought to myself : hey 2 seems nice. it takes 2 to make a couple, then I realized not only that number had been chosen by far too many people than I can comprehend.
2 is picked by someone in every five. makes it the most overrated number ever.
then I picked 4. I hate how superficial that number is. You can totally tell if someone is a 4 kind of person plus it got 2 twos.
also I picked 6. 6 is too obvious it's too perfect almost like 2 and 4. it has 2 threes
there's an 8. 8 is nice, I could see 8 as my favorite number.
only 8 is too fat. 8 is not the right 'one'. 8 is If two circles touched each other internally. Circles are my favorite shapes. I should go for 8

still doesn't sound right..
Crap. I hate every even number now.
my favorite number is going to be something odd.

7 everyone likes the number 7. what's so special about 7? sounds like the whole universe agrees on number 7! 7 is associated with many religious beliefs as well. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but do I want that in my favorite number? I didn't think so.

so we have 3 and 9 and 5 and 1 left

1? 1 looks like a 9 only 1 is stupid why would you pick the first number as a favorite? it's like you're so lazy you don't wanna choose a number so you picked the first one.
the same thing goes for 9.
Niners are show offs they skipped the whole numbers to the last pick because they thought .. hmmm last number favorite how cool is that? not cool at all dude it's lame very much.

so 3 or 5?

5 has 2 twos and one.
3 is two and one.

5+5 makes a 10 and 3+3 equal a 6 and I was born on January 6
so it's 3!
that's it
My favorite number is Three.


Anonymous said...

the way u wrote ur blog is funny and the result! lol smart way :p
if u wanna choose a number and u r confused! simply u can see ur towers's number!

i chose 3 for no reason! when we play games! i choose 3
anything with numbers i choose 3! if not 3 i choose 5! if not 5 i choose 7 or 9 >> girl stop! lol

i dont know..when i saw my tower's number! 3 was belong to them
and now im stuck with it..

so! hope ur favorite number is lucky one =D

Noufa said...

What's you favorite number again?

the crazy jogger said...

Interesting. I;ve had many *fav* numbers. Started with 7, 771K, 11 and now... its 6 n 66. Each number has had a story behind it. n each number has tis own value!
Fav number makes a person more unique.. n it defines it personality.

So I guess.. ur Miss 3!?