Wednesday, July 1, 2009

070. Get a golden fish.

School's been out for a while only I'm too lazy to write anything down. Seriously I even slept for two days after my last exam I think.

So as soon as I started gaining some consciousness back I went watching movies and read almost 50 pages every 3 hours from the book I'm currently reading.

I bought a golden fish today. I'm pretty excited about this. She's my second pet after Gerard the turtle -whom I lost to a friend of my brother's- her name is Kristen she likes to eat weird fish flakes and my hand occasionally.

(Kristen in her chateau)


Raisa said...

hi kristen :)

Bliss said...

awww :)

Stylish-Girl said...

yeah after exams we are all left worn out and exhausted...and sleep like dead :P :S !!!

but now its "FREEDOM!" u'll get recharged with enthausism again maybe :)

ur goldfish is cute:):):)

Charade said...

oh you speak Fish :] ?

I know!!

Very much! although I'm really starting to panic with all the shitty results I'm getting back.

the crazy jogger said...

oh this was. she was cute!

Charade said...

I wish she was with us to hear you.. Thanks CJ!