Friday, March 12, 2010

and I don't have emotions. I just react.

'Cause that's what we do these days.

I saw her that girl.
She had always been like that, a stranger with no name
or did she have one?
yes she had one but no one remembered it.

They teased her a lot..
about her small hands, how easily her cheeks flushed
and she fought, she fought for her mom, her friend, they were her whole universe.

She wanted to be everything they wanted and more,
the daughter, the fighter, the friend.

But she couldn't, she was slipping away to another world,
a world where they called her real name.

They whispered.
She heard them.


Raisa said...

I like walking among the mad crowd.

JenniAsh said...

I love how this is written in an abstract form. It leaves so many questions and suggestions about perception and human nature itself in doing that.

'They whispered.
She heard them.'


Charade said...

Who wants to be "normal" anyway...I've never had the misfortune of meeting a perfectly normal person. Everyone is fucked up in some way.

Thank you Jenni.
I didn't think about that when I wrote it, I don't think I was thinking at all actually.

JenniAsh said...

Does it matter? In my opinion that just makes it all the more pure.

I have nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. If you are interested in accepting it just check out the post on my page:


Roe said...

I like this, would like to read some more, cant seem to find anything else though.

Charade said...


I feel like I need to thank you again (you really put a smile on my face.)

That's because I didn't write anything quite like this before.
I should try LSD next time.

musingsandesthesis said...

shes ryt, ders too many questions
i dont like questions generally
bt ds is jus perfect d way it is
n dont thank me i wasn really payn u a compliment tho it does go to u, more so to the thing u wrote- dt is perfect, twisted i no
bt, ya i lyk it

Flying high in the sky.... said...

why do i sense so much pain here...probably my over-analytic mind is seeing something i should not see..take care and god bless..