Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random flashbacks.

March The Fifth
"I find that you really don't know someone until you work with them, there's just something about work that bonds people together"
Two months later we're no longer friends.

March Nineteenth
"You're the most quiet members ever. Who is your group leader?" And then they point to me.

May Twenty-second
She looked at me straight in the eye and said politely, "You're not like everyone else, are you?"


Noufa said...

I agree with the third point. You're not like everyone else, I honestly believe that you are a very unique person.

JenniAsh said...

I like how you have broken this down. Although it is much more matter-of-fact it also makes it far more elusive and in being elusive it leaves it very open to interpretation and so readers will assume meaning from their own knowledge and experience, so to me this piece makes me feel about social alienation and the irrevocable impermanence of everything... but thats just me.
I think thats the most beautiful thing about art; there is no set meaning, it constantly varies.
One can only assume. Studies like maths paint the world black and white, art paints it grey.
Bah, I'll stop waffling: lovely post. :)

JenniAsh said...

P.S I love the picture you used too.

Charade said...


It means a lot coming from you.

Grey is my favorite color, and so is Art.

P.S Thanks.

Rocket. said...

Like your words

simply dirty pretty things said...

such beautiful words

Mot Juste said...