Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm addicted to writing

Usually when I don't feel well I write. and that was fine until my journal started to haunt me whenever facing a situation worth lamenting over.

Whether writing with pen/pencil and paper, or with the latest word program, or over the web, writing is sometimes a necessity to me, it's hard to escape from words that took their shape in my head. It’s important that I get my feelings out.
I wasn't like that always. there was a time when I kept the thoughts where they belonged. now I write all the time, everywhere sometimes three, four, five or more per day.
There are even days when I feel guilty when I didn’t write something simply because I didn’t want to take the time to write. Then, after a few minutes, the guilt begin to settle, I find a pen in my hand and then I begin writing. And I can't make it stop.


Bliss said...

That's amazing mashallah!
Letting out all that is inside is really healthy..
You shouldn't stop.

Hidden Note said...

Well, writing is indeed considered as an addiction! It's one of many ways to express what's on your mind and sometimes it's a way of relaxing by throwing your loads of stress, anger, or even sadness onto that paper, or blog.

I love the way you've written this. Really inspired me of writing another note.

Have a nice day <3

the crazy jogger said...

Yeah. Its good. very good. It keeps a person in check n in control.
and tht is wht makes us human. the ability to express ourselves
I know that feelin. Esp whn there is no one who understands u. and all u wanan do is be listend to. At times like those the best friend are those 26 characters.

Charade said...

You've proven yourselves to be good listeners as well.
Thank you so much for those kind words.