Friday, March 13, 2009

Broken Smile

Once upon a time there was a girl. This girl had been loved by her mom and her dad. She was happy enough to play in her fancy little world. No matter how was it she smiled and played and laughed the days away.

Then puberty hit.

Change. It inspired the tears down her face, the shattered nerves, the shaky friendships... but she still continued to try to smile. One day it became too much of an effort to lift her lips - the hinges of her jaw broke, and the corners of her lips lay still, in a straight line across her face. Her smile was broken. Even when she was happy, smiles never came. Perhaps, on a good day, if she tried very hard, she might be able to lift an awkward lip, but the small curve went unnoticed. She watched herself smile in the mirror - it looked like she was cringing, or that she might cry.

She wasn't sad. She just couldn't smile. She didn't know if her smile could ever be fixed, or if anyone would someday fix it, or who... after all, how could she know the future?


Noufa said...

Instead of thinking about her future, why wouldn't she go back to her fancy little world?

Charade said...

Well a)..she's pretty ambitious @@ b)..the things that used to fill her world then doesn't satisfy her ego now