Tuesday, August 5, 2008

(yes i'm mad you can tell pretty much from this)

My message today is for bloggers who got nothing better to do than answering endless survey questions.

Okay we get it you're popular, everyone loves you, you're big shot in whatever you come from, now you don't have to prove that by showing us random Tags I mean who cares what's your nickname or who's your favourite playmate since you were six years old.

Do you believe we even bother to read that?
Who gives a shit about that ha? tell me what use we get from knowing your favourite flavor of Ice Cream?
I pass by blogs everyday and they either use each other purposeless topics or copy each other tags which are designed to show us the numerous benefits of their other blogger friends (in exception of 3 blogs who actually try to come up with interesting topics to discuss) that's the new hit in 'Blogsphere' lately, as if that's gonna help us communicate better or solve a problem.

Spare us your daily shitness and start writing some useful entries every once in a while for god's sake you make me sick!


Random thoughts said...

Why are you getting mad over what other people blog about?

numbing charade said...

Cuz it's insane, i check 6-10 blogs everyday yet nearly every last entry i checked its title is either "Taged by Someone" or "I Tag Someone" like the only reason One have a blog is to post that, what do you expect me to do?

Random thoughts said...

I expect u to go to other blogs that are more interesting to you.

numbing charade said...

maybe i should..

Fa6ma said...

LOL I found this post both hilarious and true! It really started to get on my nerves, everybody is doing the SAME TAG I don't read the tags, I read interesting or funny posts.. I don't read much politics or serious discussions that much,, I blog for fun and Tags for some people is fun but it's one of those things that's cute once, okay twice and just plain annoying after that..

ren_crow said...

Hear hear! Finally someone who agrees with me. We must resist this ungodly phenomenon!