Friday, August 8, 2008

Into The Wild [film review]

"Plot Summary:
This fact-based drama concerns Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch), a bright 22-year-old man with a promising future. But shortly after graduating from Atlanta's Emory University, the freedom-loving adventure seeker decides to give up his privileged life and go to live in the wilderness. He donates his $24,000 savings account to charity, changes his name to Alexander Supertramp and hitchhikes to Alaska, wearing only a thin coat and having neither compass
nor map. Four months later, the man is found dead... "

the storyline according to

Now the movie was originally based on the national bestseller novel back in 1997 by author Jon Krakauer when he decided to write the true story that took place in 92 of a guy who had everything and abandoned it for no convincing reason. the story ended up with McCandless's body found dead by moose hunter.

people and critics suggested two different opinions since then,

the first side acclaimed that Chris McCandless was portrayed by media and novel writer as a hero which is not true because any one could do what he did. throw yourself into deadly inhospitable environments, starve to death and after 2 years write a novel about what you've been through and you're the new Chris McCandless!

the other group considered this as a new way to view life . life free of any attachments any restraints or use of guidance and therefore respected Chris's decision choosing to abandon civilized society, changing his identity to pursue his passion and discover what's better than he knew ,us humans knew... but when he chose to do that he did it in his own the wild.

the other interesting part is that some of those 'inspired' people actually followed his path and decided to finish what Chris couldn't, the real mission though was to realize what it's been like for him.

I was tremendously moved by this story that i wanted to watch it for two reasons: 1-because of that same controversy happening 2-being based on bestselling novel and i planned to get the book but couldn't for i had so many haven't read yet and the movie was available.

despite of my opinion about him and whether he was a martyr or nut job I believe what wild had taught Chris McCandless was greater than any other lesson society could serve.

this guy he saw happiness by living freely instead of seeing it in money.
I also saw the pure beauty of the entire film on the end of it, you realize true meaning in lots of confusing acts he did at the very beginning only it was too late for him. Into The Wild definitely will remain as one of my favorite for long time to come .


Random thoughts said...

That seems like a nice movie. Thnx for the comment. it really gets on my nerves how she always does that.

ren_crow said...

What makes you think living in the city isn't like living in the wild? Do you know how life threateningly dangerous it is everytime you go driving outside? Saudi drivers are beasts i'll tell ya that much!

numbing charade said...

Random thoughts
may god help you now that I started checking your blog I'll probably be bugging you with my comments every entry and then.

you know you speak the truth to some extent in your represents to most people comfort, short runways and society elements dictating the majority of us what to do all the time, maybe if you stripped yourself all this you can have your 'wilderness' in the city?