Sunday, July 6, 2008

your body language is telling me that I'm not to blame

Mom told me she called M's mom today and she confirmed the news, I'm so welcomed to stay at their house for extra 2 weeks before 'the expectant day', I was in shock that this actually has come to real, I even didn't tell M about this .. cuz she'll totally freak out and ask me to bring old shit hundred years ago with me! As for the pressure thing it had gradually lessened and I'll learn to stop worrying about every little detail, what's gonna come gonna come and no matter how hard I try something will always seem out of no where, therefore I'M READY FOR EVERYTHING ya hear bitches? what's wrong with me seriously@@? I totally freak myself out *shakes my head* oh well, I guess this shows how excited one could be ...
-Tomorrow I'm going shopping to fetch the latest items I need and get that bag I saw in Muhalab for M + the bracelet I had ordered last Friday for her + the wedding gift I'd already bought her from back home, I hope she loves this *crossing my fingers*
- I finished The Great Gatsby today, it was okay! Although this is an American classic, I didn't like it much.I think the only reason it remained one because it was published in the twenties era otherwise I don't believe it would've received the great controversy it had.
In my opinion a book like Thousand Splendid Suns will beat this one. It has amazing story that grabs your emotions and would make a great classic for all the generations to come.

-And so this is the next To-Read collection:

Random thought: AFI are so fucking mental I'm stuck with them these days for backup energy.

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