Thursday, July 3, 2008

that side of me

M asked me to come to Dubai earlier than scheduled to spend the last days of her bachelorhood with me. Should I go? I don't know. I mean I told mom and everything and she says it would seem like a good idea only if I had bought something to wear with the dress at first place. cuz all I got is the dress, still short on the accessories, hair garment and nail polish only I may consider my black Red Earth's it's not that bad yeah M saw it once before but she wouldn't remember!! would she? any who I still need to prepare for this emotionally cuz I'M NOT READY YET. when she called today she was all "so when are you planning to come?" me: "dunno isn't the wedding supposed to be like a month from now or so?", M:"A MONTH? what are you shitting me or you're playing it cool, it's 2 weeks from tomorrow"
And I thought I'd have the whole vacation to prepare for this..I mean I'd love to go but that will put so much pressure on me And considering the whole I-don't-deserve-the-C-trauma I don't think I'll ever be ready cuz part of my failure was due to her wedding thingie.
God I wish I were dead..

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