Thursday, July 3, 2008

blogger issues & new crush

okay blogger is so stupid!! .. the"Page element" thing had disappeared entirely (once again) and that's for the third time now!!
for how long I'm supposed to put up with this shit ? now I have to download Internet Explorer the 7th, then cancel it and re-download Explorer the 6th before the page element thing appears into layout control board.

I'M NOT DOWNLOADING ANYTHING and I won't add anything either Hah!
The only reason I blog is to let it out !not to add some stupid purposeless "Page element" but if something happens to the post editing control thingy that's it I'll move to Live Journal I swear cuz this is getting lame I can't handle it anymore.

Any ways, good news for all of you Meg Cabot's fans I found this
*yes I googled Meg Cabot this afternoon therefore I became one of her fans. There! happy?*
she actually dishes about everyone on-line in her web site/diary when I thought she just did this via her characters diaries.

I finished Boy meets Girl (one of Meg's) last night very funny and cute book for the summer, it ended suddenly I haven't even noticed.. I feel like I just started reading it ..
Also did you know that she has written under the names Meggin Cabot - Patricia Cabot and Jenny Carroll Lol!

I noticed most of the writers had adopted pen names in earlier phases of their life much like some famous authors have done through the ages. Interesting ...

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