Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer vacation has officially started!

I thought it would be fun if I stole this tag from some guy's blog.
Needs, Wants, and Loves
1. Using Google (or any other search engine) type your name followed by "needs"
2. List four results.
3. Repeat with wants and loves.
4. Tag 3 people.
Here we go:
1. Numbing needs more body parts
2. Numbing needs to pick that up too.
3. Numbing needs an editor
4. Numbing needs more video's! where are they!
1. Numbing wants to help England
2. Numbing wants to shine bright in Tel Aviv showdown
3. Numbing wants to retain existing customers
4. Numbing wants to be a role model
1. Numbing LOVES Harry Potter
2. Numbing loves the way she looks
3. Numbing loves to sing and her passion took her to third place in Afghan Star, an Afghani version of American Idol.
4. Numbing loves the craft of creating characters
hmm interesting Afghan Star and Tel Aviv! I'm starting to believe M's crucial accusations against my name..
on another note, I'm kinda excited I went to bookstore today and got myself new books so here's the list:

-the great gatsby

-boy meets girl

-a child called it


-the devil and miss prym

- I bought new earphones for the ipod ,looks so cool my ipod is silver and the earphones are crimson I like it now more than ever..oh and I got my own discount card, could use it everytime I went there instead of my parents.

- thankfully my last exam was today I expect a B in Statistics though but you know what? that's fine with me, at least I know I did my best, whatever's going to happen I'll accept it..that's all, I'll get to reading now..laters

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