Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the fear of

my idea of ideal summer vacation is to sit my lazy ass in one place, read the books I chose, enjoy movies I planned to watch, update my DA with some respectful art work and that's it that's all I'm asking for is that too much? No it's not! well It appears that this vacation is going to be very stressful and is gonna suck for that matter..I got two weddings to attend, surprisingly in one of them I actually got something useful to do and someone's going to regret I'm her maid of honor, not to mention the Ramadan and Eid to come thingy that's another blog.
I'm not ready to deal with any of this or I don't want to (something in between that)
-Mom changed her mind as I knew would happen and told me to pack my things up we're heading to Kuwait..she promises she would get me wireless connection as soon as we get there. I really hope she keeps her promise this time cuz I have no intention to spend the rest of summer vacation thinking how great invention the Internet is and writing songs in my pad to download them later when I get back .
-And since I'm M's bride maid she summoned me with new mission last night. she asked me to come up with runaway plan for her wedding day and I better come up with something good or she'll end up handing my position to someone more qualified according to her!
I dunno The whole M's wedding thing is not right let alone she's too young and naive for this bleh!
I'm fully convinced now more than ever that I will make a total ass of myself on that day and end up embarrassing M and disappointing her.I should make sure she's in good mood that day and hope all is going as it's planned to be, yet I know I'll screw this up somehow.
I never enjoyed one wedding in my life! they always confused me only this time I'm compelled to confront one of my biggest fears Anthropophobia

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