Monday, October 13, 2014

This is a memory too

“If you could keep only one memory what would it be?”

I want each moment, in which you unraveled yourself completely to me,
I want each new color I unearthed from the grayness you hid underneath.

Get me the memory of your smile on a shared inside joke,
Get me the day my stomach turned into knots when you uttered your first I-love-you.

Rescue the first time you started anything with me,
Like the first time you laughed and I curled up on my belly so deep my butterflies started to tickle my throat.
The first time you cried and I thought my god her vulnerability is beautiful I wanna spend the rest of my life being her constant.

Please keep the minute I wanted to be yours to hold.
Keep the second I saw your lips and my tongue itched ever since.

I want all our dreams choked back by my fears, by your tears and every whisper in my ears.
They're especially lodged under black box labeled "classified" behind my blind spot.

Lose everything else you might encounter in the process and remember no matter what happens do not listen to my head!

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