Sunday, October 12, 2014


It was one early morning, around 7 o'clock, the moment before the bell starts to whistle, summoning students for morning queue.

I could feel the concrete floor stillness, it was the very first day of our senior year and I remember strangely not being nervous for the first time in my life.

Your hand in mine felt like the best moments in my life summed up collectively in one gesture, your hold kept me grounded, confident that whatever might come, is somehow all right because you're here now.

Your friends and acquaintances were the first to arrive in the scene, they seemed popular among the crowd. I saw few people I knew from previous year, I nodded hello -not wanting to leave your hand-

 without moving into their direction, you led the way to the front line while in my head I was going through all the past three months we explored each other longingly in a failed attempt to meet our limitations. It seems odd to me how distant those moments are this morning.

In the middle of my wanderings, you looked at me and I was paralyzed by that gorgeous smile, I don't think I've ever seen better looking face illuminated by sun light before. It hit you in the right places illustrating your features splendidly, your hair pulled back in a way that reminded me of the sea waves and my knees sank deep..

-"Where should we stand?" you asked
-"At the end of the queue, that way we can watch everyone else but no one has to watch us" I explained.

Right then you grabbed me closer and I thought my heart was going to erupt into million little pieces to mimic the concrete's crushed rocks under your feet.

"I love you" you whispered

we stepped into oblivion..

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