Wednesday, May 19, 2010

her dreamcatcher

I was trying to convince her that
I'm the only person capable of seeing them.
I told her, the one who made her misery increase
was sitting right behind us at the coffee shop,
she looked at me with those dead-fish eyes of hers.
She wants a proof.

as he stood up, leaving, my eyes followed his movements
"stay here where are you going?" I said
he'd just paid for his coffee in pennies
and was beginning to walk away
"don't go. I said come back"

I followed him
he was running fast,
I was running even faster
I caught him at last,
I screamed at his face as he froze right there looking at me:
"I know what you are! I know what you're doing here!"

and that was the last thing I remember,
white threads were stretched in front of my eyes
I moved but my legs felt numb
I spoke but my tongue made no sound.
She was far past me now.

This is based on a dream I had last night.
I had to write it down because the image of it has stayed vivid in my mind


JenniAsh said...

I keep having strange dreams too, really vivid ones that when you wake up you're not sure if you knew the people in it, or if you've ever been or seen the places you envisioned. Makes you wonder what 'real' is. Do I exist anymore than the dreams in my head? Can I even prove I exist, if this comment does, or if you do?
I don't know. I really don't know.
Lovely post though.

Raj said...

Beautiful, poetic words x

Ms Nightingale said...

I enjoyed reading this. :) Good Visuals

Crystal Pink said...


Charade said...

I really hope you're real. because you're too awesome for words <3

Thanks ^^;

Ms Nightingale
I'm a pretty visual thinker, so I tend to describe things the way I picture them in my head.

Crystal Pink

Raisa said...

dreamcatcher :]