Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the rephrase

I saw this somewhere and I wanted to make my own version of it, I guess you can call it a tag of some sort.

The Rules:
List 11 things you want to say to 11 different people.
Don't say who they pertain to.

At the mention of 'Alex Pardee',
you didn't hesitate a moment in telling me how absurd you thought it was for someone to do nothing but paint a picture and sell it, when I'm trying with every atom of my being to paint your lovely canvas something that'll make you proud of me.

Sometimes I wish I could use a time-machine and move backwards to my 12-year-old mentality,
just so I'd restore some of that respect I held for you.
You're still the same,

You nurtured me in my time of needs,
so let me pay you back, would you?

I know it's merely an illusion,
but I forgive you,
because you taught me how to escape it.

The gap you left,
fits someone else perfectly.
I'll trade your soul for a tuna sandwich one of those days.

I remember exactly how it felt that day I met you,
spent the night knitting our future tightly and closely.
I think that's how I got insomnia.

If nothing came out of these four years but you,
then I know I made it through.

I see you in every face I meet.
Nothing quite compares to our summer days spent under the old Oak, carving initials on the bark.

I fell hard on your grounds,
you didn't pick me up.
I get it now.
You were the shaky type.

I never met someone like you before.
How can you make me thrive on every moment you offer?

The fort is gone.
And so are the coloring books and pink crayons
you kept hidden for a long time.
I want those back so badly.


~kris said...

I do one of these every so often. it allows you to say what you need to with out pissing any one off. If they answer back to the comment, then you know that they know they screwed up.
Good job!

Crystal Pink said...

I wonder what each person on my list would respond if I'd done the same... the curiousity alone would screw with my head to a point of paranoia
Its already started...

Shanel said...

I think I'm going to do this on my own blog... it's a great idea but I do hope that those who read it won't get offended.

Muneeb S said...

Beautiful and painful at the same time. Makes us realize that most people in our lives leave and leave this big empty void. It dont matter how much we said that we'd be "together forever"
Im goin to do one of these too

Raisa said...

I'm tempted to SMS #5 to someone. Very, very tempted.

Charade said...

Haha. Well, so far none of them answered back. so we're safe at the moment. I guess.

Crystal Pink
Very tempting, isn't it?

Me too.

Muneeb S
You should!!! Thanks for the comment :)

I dare you to do it! :P