Thursday, December 31, 2009


1. Met someone who I know I will never forget in years to come.
2. Created a tumblr.
3. Spoke in front of 30 people or more.
4. Lost old friends.
5. Looking For Alaska has become my new favorite book.
6. Watched Gossip Girl.
7. Have read Catch-22.
8. The mullet haircut.
9. Got new shelves for my books.
10. I have discovered new side to me.
11. Still figuring myself out.
12. Practical Training Course was the huge turning point of the year.

Soundtrack of this Year: There there - Radiohead


Taqo said...

I started Catch-22 but never finished it. I reaallly want though.

Still figuring myself out too :)

Charade said...

That book was torture for me. I definitely did not enjoy it. On a more positive note, I'm glad I crossed it off my list.