Sunday, June 21, 2009

purple lights and abandoned sites

sn't it insane how someone from the internet can relate to you so well when people from real life can't hear you?"

I found a girl with the exact qualities of a friend I've been looking for since forever, turns out she's graduating this year. I don't wanna sound too excited but she was too good to be true even for the entire school.
Sometimes I think that everything is meant to be against me just so I could fight my way through its hardships.

If truth be told, I do learn a lot from those short experiences but I'd always lose something in return. Almost as if it's a curse.

I'm made of the curses I've broken the last 20 years.

P.S : Yes I realize the picture has zero relation to the topic but it is great. Thought I'd post it despite the stupid rules of relativity.


Raisa said...

am kinda jealous :/

plus, that foto is pretty, to hell with elativity

Frank said...

Not only does the picture have no relation to the topic, but neither the title has! That's awesome, actually. Makes people think harder.

As for the topic, I guess it's logical, in a way. The internet is a limited mean of communication, and our quest for people with whom we can relate is limited in scope as well. It's easier to find a match when the expectations are lowered. In real life, it's just so much easier to find things not to like about someone, even though that someone otherwise fits what we're seeking. On the internet, meanwhile, it's easier to ignore some little things that would otherwise turn us off.

Charade said...

I knew you'd appreciate this one.

My quest for someone I can relate to made me appreciate the internet.