Friday, June 12, 2009

classic misshape

You know what first occurs to my mind when I mess up?
This blog.
I do constantly think of which way I'm going to deliver the next disappointment to my fans
(and here's the part where you go screaming)!

So "fans".. exclusively you're about to take a sneak peak into my Final exam schedule :

13/6 Practical Training (report admission)
18/6 Database Design
21/6 Operating Systems
23/6 Analysis/Design Of Information(2)
24/6 Financial Management
27/6 Programing Languages(2)

I'm sure you've created your own thoughts of what I'm going through right now.


Raisa said...

bonne chance chrade, and you know we do love you :)

Charade said...

Raisa I miss us.