Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dead End

I'm here to confess that I have no idea what I'm doing and that I can't find common ground with my peers anymore. I picked the wrong major haven't I ? , because everything else is pointing out that I made a huge mistake by choosing MIS for living.
a- I keep asking everyone what's going on and how come this course is incomprehensible. For the third year now.
b- I have no interest in whatsoever I'm going to study or studying at the moment.
c- I feel as if the whole thing is a sick mind game, where I can't keep up with their twisted ways of coming up with new programming languages and data types everyday.

I'm also here to confess that I liked our practical training course more than anything I've studied so far. I might try something similar to that in the upcoming years. Did I mention that tomorrow I'm going to handle the press?
What did I get myself into? I KNOW!!!


Frank said...

What is it that you do, exactly?

And no, doing something you're not interested in is a bad idea.

Charade said...

HOLLY SHIT Frank is that you really?

Frank said...

It is. I try to remember people once in a while. Especially those who at some time reached out to me. You know, not many people do that. It's a way of paying you back. Also, I'm trying to give you a heart attack, with the surprise and all.

You still alive?

Charade said...

No I'm just happy that you're back. Even if it's only for a brief while

Frank said...

Hey, I made a new entry in my blog. Maybe I'll do more.