Sunday, May 3, 2009

She's counting every star in the endless sky

“Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out.”
Ian Wallace

There comes a time when you realize avoiding your inner demons and hiding in the shades are the weakest battles. It becomes a worrisome going through the never-ending loop of protecting yourself against world shaped by your fears.
you start to have new expectations of everything, yourself included.

you want straight lines, sharp directions leading you to obvious results proving somehow that you still got it in you. That mythical gut to step up and show them who you truly are and what you're made of ..

For the first time I started seeing beauty in freedom of mind instead of seeking approval of others and today wondering whether we're supposed to follow or get followed by I saw how unconsciously I separated the new people I met by those two categories.


Raisa said...


but new people means first impressions, and sometimes we might leave the wrong first impression, so i believe that you should consider that C:

am trying to force myself to do things i wouldn't normally do, just to see what will happen, how far i can go and what are my limits, you should try that out

p.s. where the hell are you?

Charade said...

That post was written under very heavy influence ( and still is ) so you might've misunderstood my words. I was referring to crappy friendships and how you can't take certain stuff upon yourself after a while.

Therefore "trying new things out" is all I got right now.