Friday, February 20, 2009

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise

It's funny how everything affects our mood and stir our thoughts in a way or the other. Whether it was movie you saw or a book you read, sometimes even random strangers could tell you something and it changes the way you view your whole life and it makes you go wondering what would've happened if you went through the morning/day/evening/sickness or just going through one day not knowing what you just knew. no matter how small it was.
It's like you cant get enough of life. you can never learn enough. there is always more there is always better ..
And It's strange that I'm the one who is saying this right now
but I really do think it's interesting, our lives and how we cross paths with others only to end up learning from them.


Bliss said...

i couldn't agree more.

Raisa said...

I guess that has something to do with us being human.