Monday, January 19, 2009

White Walled Cage

My ears have led me here following the voices that follow me every night of every week of every month of this year.
A thousand face, strangers, not one face is recognized. Looking around, tripping over my feet. Unfamiliar voices, whispers of my name is all I can hear.

They don't know me, Do they know me?
Have I been here before?
I don't know them, Do I know them?

These white walls are blinding me.
I can't see, Can they see?
Rubbing my eyes, looking for clarity...
I can't see, Can they see?
God, their eyes are killing me.

Walking in straight line, sweaty hands, confused mind.
Louder their voices have gone
Turning against me, following me with their eyes.
If I hide, I can't be found.
is this another escape of mine?

My eyes facing the ground, Please not those looks, those eyes.
If I run fast enough, I can survive.
this is not my escape, not my escape.
Pointing fingers surrounding me.
Falling on my knees, squishing my head in my hands.
Trying not to hear. I can not stand I am weak.
Closer they come. Soon I'm gone.
Their fingers, like drills.
Making holes into me, I am incomplete.

thank you (Tima) for writing this.

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