Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it's called the Hero theory I made it up

I know I haven't written here for a while
but I assure you more posts are on the making
I have thought of some already
for example like:
-my want list
-more look alike celebs
-geeky glasses post
And celebrity crushes. I'm gonna write more about them later.

Do you need A Hero in your life?
what if you couldn't find one, what if you found heroes and they all failed you down for some reason. Would you be your own self hero? or would you look for other heroes? I decided to stop cuz such thing doesn't exist in one person, I mean you can still look for Hero qualities but you wont find them all combined in one person. you'll find scattered pieces of heroism in each person you meet or met.


ren_crow said...

*in Joker voice*

Why be a hero when you can be a new breed of criminial?

numbing charade said...

You can get away with anything when you're a hero.

Bliss said...

i found my hero.
and he is combined in one person ;p

numbing charade said...

Remember Heroes put themselves in danger but they always expect something in return xD