Thursday, November 20, 2008

geek in disguise

Can you believe how ironic the fashion sense is?
If I saw someone sporting the geeky glasses trend two years ago I'd think he's one pathetic loser but now it somewhat became a huge phenomenon and everyone wants to become a pathetic loser. I think it's really cool that people are starting to look for beauty in other elements rather than the ones we got used to. for instance you don't have to be blond now to win guys affection or smart in order to wear geeky glasses, you can wear unmatched dishrags and still rock them if you knew how!

*John Header on Napoleon
movie was amongst the first
to set the geeky trend, also good example of your ultimate nerdy

*That picture of Madonna goes back to late ninteen eighties when it was very normal being seen in public wearing this, Ironically her daughter Lourdes wore it as the old "new" trend lately (I have faith in that girl<3)

*This Is How You Wear It People!!
learn from Hayley

is how
posers does it !


omfg! said...

i won't even caught dead in those glasses. Frames are fine, but too geeky frames are out of question !

Bliss said...

they look hot!
but i can't pull it off myself
i'd look stupid

numbing charade said...

let's just pray you wont have to die in them ..

Why they're like wearing sunglasses inside at night Haha