Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to zero your time is about to come

awesome.. I changed the URL again but hey The third time's a charm. No really I mean it this is the last time I'm changing anything ever, even the layout I won't touch it for at least two weeks from now.Yeah.
so listen something is bugging me lately it's M again, sometimes I hate that we're cousins it complicates things and turn them really bad at the end. today she was mocking my name she said it's the ugliest name ever no wonder a baby turned out as whacked out as I'm if you gave her such name. now I get it she's probably just making fun because we're dead and there's nothing to talk about anymore but still something inside me snapped, it's like one of those days when I was a kid, Abdullah(a) and his friends used to make fun of the way I look and talk I cried so hard when they did that(It shocks me that I didn't get over it yet @@). Am I over sensitive ?tell me if I'm cuz I really don't get it how I'm supposed to defend myself against the whole world when I can't get my friend to respect me. I bet I'm making a big deal out of this cuz I'm mad now I'll change my mind tomorrow

random: if I didn't fail tomorrow's exam I'll hug our maid

(Man, I should add memories Lable I get a lot of those lately)


Frank said...

It's natural to feel attacked and betrayed when people make fun of your identity. Who you are, name, looks and ways of talking, are sacred, if only for you. Your reaction is normal.

I guess I've never kept friends long enough for them to become problems in some regards. Carelessness has its perks.

Cheer me up, please. Hey, by the way, I don't even know who you are. I'm Frank, hi!

numbing charade said...

Good trick.I'm not going to say my name though