Thursday, August 28, 2014


I remember how your head felt on my chest, I don't know what words you mumbled in your sleep but you sounded adorable, your breath so sweet, your baby-like cheeks warm and flushed. It's amazing how every time I recall your skin the olive shade strikes me by the head and I fall in love so much.

I know you used to tell me about your nine lives and I'd laugh along thinking if your soul had to be recreated it wont be you again. That the recipe of you, somehow, will lose its secret and someone else will come back, but damn! you outlived all your nine souls, soaring with that smile and those cheeks and I fell in love so much.

I'm so overwhelmed by how the curtains of my room still remind me of that day we spent daydreaming lost lives, by how certain shades of beige are instantly labeled as your skin in my head.

Close your eyes..

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