Friday, February 21, 2014

Louder louder

What's the connection between a giant mammal and human soul?

my inner demons are begging me to be pinned down in the utmost physical forms. paper mache demons that growl and snarl in foreign languages I haven't come to learn yet.

I cage them deep down but they're refusing to unleash.. and so my throat remains dry whilst my hand-me-down stomach is still plotting its way out of my ribcage.

I knew an emergency lullaby that rhymed so beautifully with your name, I use it everyday since you've grown so small that you misspelled my dutch courage.

Hey, ever thought about how animals that exist in our modern world are enhanced versions of different species that once existed million life time agos?

Key word here is: Evolution.

your curse words were groomed to showcase a soulful mammal you never knew how to manage.

I'm disappointed in your best clouded judgment, self.

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