Friday, February 17, 2012

I keep losing my teeth

You know how this literature thing work? You take one word from any conversation we had and you add another sentence from your favorite song. You get a base for possible reading material.

When you sit behind a desk, 8 hour job with endless new tasks, hardly free time to spare, and that one thought you're trying to shut out is still resurfacing back, staring you in the face, mocking your gutless attempt to block it.

Someone comes, cracks a joke about the broken stapler, everyone laughs, it's a funny joke, you wonder why it reminds you of dream you had of the fallen teeth, you laugh couple of minutes later, they look at you and decide to leave you alone.

Q: Describe your life in one word.
A: Mirage..

Someone once taught me how to get out of this, you wait for the right window with the best view then you improvise.

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Anonymous said...

i love you