Friday, April 29, 2011


I love that picture, she appeared so innocent and naive. On her expression infinite mysteries, it has to be like that.. When you're this young, you're full of potentials. They tell you "the whole world is your playground".
If you saw the photograph, you would say that too, you would think she can do anything.

I'll describe the picture more in detail:
She was trying to focus on the camera lens (she hated cameras but in this one moment it was okay) her hair, disheveled, was long, tied in a ponytail, few strands managed to escape around her face. She wore yellow and gray pajamas, you could see another shirt peeking underneath it, you can tell it was winter too. Because her nose is red, her sparkly eyes are teary, she always got cold easily.

Nowadays, the sparkle has vanished from her eyes, she's just a ghost of a ghost of the girl in gray pajamas. She says she's not cold, but she can't stop shivering.

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