Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Licking Destruction

I analyze your every detail and dissect you into tiny little pieces,
I fed on each one of them for months.
Sometimes I hide them in the deepest, darkest corners of my mind and take them out when days like December arrive.
I drink your sweet words benignly like the rest of my medication,
with lunch, before I go to sleep and after I wake up.
In a mad world, I lost control over my prescribed dosage of you.
I take what I need to survive.


Kaleidoscope Girl said...

I think this is one of my favourite posts that you've ever written. This is so perfect, you've really capture a moment, a sentiment, here.

Anonymous said...

I really like this, with all of its darkness, it's still so beautiful <3

Charade said...

Kaleidoscope Girl
Thanks Jenny <3

"all I want is darkness"