Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hide and seek

Do you ever get the feeling that our lives are planned for us?

you go to school, make friends, graduate, lose friends
they try to hook you up in a relationship, you refuse,
you go to college, they screw you up, make new friends, graduate
you work, complain more, a guy you liked got married
they try to hook you up in a relationship, you say yes, you're stuck in a marriage you never wanted at first place.

That's your life. A long series of necessary transitions from one period of life to another. The next time you make a decision, remember you really didn't have a saying in the matter.
You're part of a plan.


Bliss said...

But you don't have to go by their rules. You could always break them.

Charade said...

Talk Is easy, you know. It's whether you're willing to risk a bit more in the hope of getting a better taste of what's at stake that counts.

Bliss said...

Exactly, but if you're willing to take the risk and you KNOW what you're getting yourself into, then you should always go by what you believe in.

You shouldn't satisfy others, just because they tell you to. No, think about what YOU want!
Being happy is what truly matters.

Charade said...

How do you know if you're right?

Raisa said...

Sometimes it's better not to ask, as lame as the following will sound I think it's just making the best of what you got. Even a laid out scenario.

C'est la vie, no?

Charade said...

Even a worst-case scenario.
Thanks Raisa :]

Random thoughts said...

I get that feeling sometimes.

Roe said...

I like to do something im not suppose to do every now and then, makes me feel like I have SOME control :p

Maxxed`ouT said...

I love Haruki Murakami.
I wonder if i've mentioned that before...

Charade said...

Random Thoughts
I know.

Little lies wont hurt much I suppose.

Shut up? I like him too!

Nani_37 said...

Trying to break loose from that is what makes one miserable. Yet, not trying to, i think, might do us worse.

JenniAsh said...

It's true that sometimes life becomes a frighteningly sterotyped banal routine.
All we can hope for is that we can escape this, and become an anomaly in the other wise typical story.

Lovely post by the way.


Fe Rose said...

awesome blog .but dont you ever think that maybe we alter lives too. we unplan the planned and change the future for about 1 million people ...