Saturday, November 21, 2009

would you erase me? inspired by favorite movie

I don't know if I would erase you or not .

Throughout the past twenty years I have had encountered several people who definitely made life a bit more complicated for me, however, every time I asked myself this question I am very tempted to choose wiping them off my memory.
but then again, if I erased you how can I be so sure I wont meet you again? will there be any guarantees to not know/like you all over again?
I would gladly keep you there, just to have the chance to revisit your smallest details so that the next time I find someone like you I'd remember how you got into me and truly stay away this time.

the awful truth is I am strong because of you.


Raisa said...

the concept, of erasing people and memories is odd.

I would want to erase some certain, specific (specific) memories though. but again, who am I really without 'em. they're my map.
leading us to the obvious final point, I'd keep you and them, because I kinda like me the way I am today

Raisa said...

and hello apocalyptic, it's been a while :)

Noufa said...

when you'll try to erase certain memories from your brain, you'll erase a part of who you are today.

Charade said...

I like the analogy ... It will certainly stick in my memory.
it's always nice when you drop by.

maybe I don't like who I have become today.

Maria said...

This movie has been running through my brain all weekend. I keep saying I'd like to erase the memory of that short-lived relationship but then I wouldn't be able to learn from it's pitfalls. And hopefully, learning from those mistakes will make the next go-round somewhat easier.