Thursday, November 12, 2009


it's 11/11
I promised to write something in this day. Right now I'm very confused about how I feel towards the person I'm liking the most.

It's new. I don't do these kinds of things much but when I do and they let me down (which tends to happen a lot) it doesn't leave me with a good feeling.


Noufa said...

didn't get it. what's wrong?

the crazy jogger said...

Have faith.

the crazy jogger said...

Ppl change. Ppl are different. Have faith n hang in there. U never know..

Charade said...

@Noufa everything's wrong.

@CJ last time I had faith, it didn't work out much.

the crazy jogger said...

Aint that faith? No matter how bad it goes.. faith keeps us alive. Hope keeps more people alive then meds