Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pink house

For a long time it was in my baby sister's room who now claims the house is invading her personal space, therefore my mother intends to throw my barbie doll house any time by the end of this month. Meantime I have to face the house everyday while it stands across of my room.

People don't get it when I say that part of my childhood is this pink doll house.
Spending days and nights with the barbies. getting new bedroom furniture, tiny kitchenette, embroidered carpets, mini pizza maker, coming up with new excuses for dinner parties at the roof top.

I felt special with this house, sort of protected like my own house. I remember daydreaming about being able to hide in that house and staying there with my dolls. I still do ... only this time I have to get rid of my dream house and choose uglier "doll".


Raisa said...

why can't the house move into your room? nonetheless, memories are good.

Charade said...

We made a pact. I get to keep the house and mother gets to travel this Friday.

the crazy jogger said...

I remember the day when my fav car set was thrown away. I cried. and didnt speak for 3days!!
and I was 15 :(

Charade said...

at least I didn't cry :P~

the crazy jogger said...

I wudnt cry if it were thrown today