Friday, July 10, 2009

Are you cool with the staples?

We became what we hate the most
We lie everyday and by doing so we pretend being protective.
That by having three different personalities we are somehow gonna be fine. One you choose to show the public from time to time, one to your friends and the one you hid carefully from everybody else.
What if we stepped out of our 'comfort zone' and did what we really wanted, said what we actually meant to say?
Has life frightened us so much to the point where we can't be real?


Bliss said...

because if we said whatever was on our minds, without filtering them, we'd end up hurting alot of people. so we prefer to keep them to ourselves.

Charade said...

You're hurting them either way inside your head. What if you were lying to protect them and they lied to protect you? the truth will get lost somewhere in between

Bliss said...

well, i guess not knowing in the end would be the best choice. just so you could avoid hurting someone.

as they say, ignorance is bliss.

Charade said...

Is that part of the reason why you're calling yourself Bliss?

I think if you love someone you owe them the truth.