Friday, April 17, 2009

Cheap Friday

Why would you be interested to read about someone on blogger?
Chances are :

A) you know that person and blogger keep you updated with his rants.
he/she reminds you of yourself.
C) you're trying to publish as many comments as possible so you'd get proper feedback later on.

However, if you were the 'A' type of person you'd be (probably) more than glad that I shared this blog with you cuz I normally don't give the pleasure to whoever.

'B' type of person is going to be someone I've never met. You bothered to read the things I mutter. You need to know that you're special. Yes YOU!

To the 'C' type:
nothing makes me more sick to my guts than people like you, because I question my personal motives every single time I open this writing pad, only to appear more intelligent than you are.


Raisa said...

a) I love fridays.
b) cheap is refundable.
c) I am definately a C, you see, we're just really "kewl" people who just lives to count up comments, and spread the joy everywhere, and pray to god that we'd get what we deserve, an awesome recomment.

now, do you want the truth?

Charade said...

a) Fridays suck.

b) is refundable, unless you totally mess up what you've got or something.

c) I was kinda counting on you as my 'B' type. apparently I got none so yeah, thanks for spreading joy and good cheer!

P.S: thanks for the awesome comment, I'll prolly reply back soon.

the crazy jogger said...

Me prolly A
I used to knw a blogger, who fits perfectly in the B cat. He was like my total copy. he said wht I wantd to say... bes a lil btter
C. Comments. MEH. I commnt on friends blogs. or ppl I knw/follow. Comemnt on 1 in every 10th post I read

Maxxed`ouT said...

I'm definitely your B type...