Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How Can You Find Yourself if No One Can See You?

This is so meant to be
When I look back at pictures of myself growing up kid, I don't smile in almost every shot. I either frown or look absorbed in whatever i'm doing while the picture is taken. I repeat my favorite outfits more than once. Mom says it was so hard to get rid of anything I liked at the time.
I still got that habit of not letting go of my favorite possessions easily, it's like i'm always afraid somehow of new things, phases or experiments. It confuses me not knowing what to expect and it leaves me melancholy when I finally have to.

Today i'm turning Twenty. Although I had my shares of good times and bad times but I surely enjoyed every moment of my teens. And I really hope the next 10 years are as good as what passed or better.
(that wouldn't harm either)

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Noufa said...

Twenties are better than teens believe me. I was planning to text you about that, but I was kinda afraid you would kill me lol
missed you, xoxo