Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've always always had this feeling that i'm the odd one out and throughout my whole life I just wanted more than anything else to fit in. That's why I joined the popular Islamic group at college and filled out their stupid membership form when I didn't even know what it takes to reach that. I just wanted to be part of something, despite the being of the group. I thought that by forcing myself into their cliques .. I would definitely get that honor of being one of 'them', That by sharing stuff with majority somehow I can finally consider myself normal.

The more reason to make me feel really worthless at the moment .


Noufa said...

You're not normal, that's what i love about you. You're one of a kind, you don't need to join committes or stuff, you're the one who has to launch a group of your own. You're just special, in a good way!

Charade said...

You know I thought of launching my own group, but then again I told myself Who would want to join me? that's when I realized I should keep my brilliant thoughts to myself.