Wednesday, December 10, 2008

it crossed my mind

Picture this:
20 years from now you live in your own apartment, your parents are far away from where you are, your friends are no longer what you knew them, you're still confused and not comfortable in your own skin. You want to run but you can't hide. You want to not exist in this world but it's not possible of course. You still gotta face yourself first thing in the morning as the lifeless dead being as you are.

What will you do with your life?
I find myself with that question a lot lately and I figured out that if I reached my forties with no goal nor real motive I'm going to adopt a child .. girl mostly and gonna name her after me that way I can raise a new me and I'll have my good cause to live for and maybe a kitten? two kittens and will name them Napoleon and Penguin
okay now at least I can rest assured knowing that the rest of my life won't go purposeless.


BloodyValentine said...

i've never thought about it..actually i'm scared to

i think i'll paint or do anything to keep my mind off the fact that i'm all alone ! i dont like kids now , but who knows! maybe i will in the future

i hope that i'll end up with a family ..and a rockstar hubby :3

Stylish-Girl said...

oh my life in my own appartment?
AT LAST!!!!!!!!:D ill be so damn happy
aaaaaaaah the thought crosses my mind so sweetly

ill take all my guitarz with me there, and ditch my family's place
ill compose more and more music and ill attend gigz all night long

but still, i would be a little serious when it comes to working time, ill have a decent job during the day (honestly i wanna be a Dr.)

ill try to make friends with everyone
and between every once in a while ill go back to visit the family

ill get married to a thoughtful man and have a small peaceful family later on!

:) heh heh

numbing charade said...

So what if you didn't end up with a rockstar hubby What will you do?
See that's why you need to set a back up plan for yourself..

Wow, I give you one question and you came out with your own next 20 years, You're showing the ability of coping with life pretty well, You're lucky :]