Monday, September 22, 2008

more book reviews.

Reviewing books is really something for me to look forward to do .. for just writing down what I have to say seems to ease me bit. Those are books which kept me company during the last couple of months.. seems silly but I miss them already.
I will always cherish the great memories during the time I read each one of them, each memory I recall is related to certain novel I started at the time. Therefore they're very special to me and I 'd like to remember what they were all about later,

here it goes :

I didn't ask for this. I received it as a gift. of course I couldn't believe my luck when I first laid my eyes on the cover and started reading like the mad bookaholic I am.
Twilight fans everywhere had gone crazy over Breaking Dawn and how it ended this way. Some felt it was unfair and sorta "cliche'" closure for the series they loved the most and demanded Smeyer to re-write it all over again. (WTF right?)
But as for me.. I had no problems with it at all. I made my peace with it long time ago and had grown to accept it eventually..

Yes yes I admit it was shocker to me in certain parts especially *spoiler*
when Bella started transforming..I seriously had to put the book down and take a break for at least 3 days so i could absorb the whole thing! not that i didn't see it coming but it is huge for someone who loved Bella and wanted her to stay human. I kinda was hoping she'll stay fragile so that Jacob and bloodsucker would stay to protect her for good. (I see how stupid it sounds now that I wrote it) *spoiler end*
my favorite passage:
[the most one i liked, it was from Book Jacob of course!]
"And I was all alone with my hatred and the pain that was so bad it was like being tortured. Like being dragged slowly across a bed of razor blades. Pain so bad you'd take death with a smile just to get away from it."

2-The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

The Perks was inspired at first place from the great classic Catcher in The Rye (my all-time fave book) it was first released on 1999.
I heard about this book from most of Catcher fans and it had topped my To Read List ever since then.
The whole concept of the book is about this boy named Charlie.. throughout the entire book you won't find out anything about Charlie's last name Nor where he lives not even whom he's writing letters to.

You'll know one thing that he's Charlie and he's confused!
I loved the book it was very sincere and sweet, and i missed Charlie so much after i finished the book.
The spirit of Holden Caulfield (main character from Catcher) was present in every page, of course it doesn't top Catcher in my opinion but it captures your attention from the first letter and the novel is considered as an uplifting book for people who find themselves alone and strangers amongst their households. it got marvelous quotes in it aside from the story too! sometimes i check 'em out just for the heck of it.
my favorite passage:

"Have you ever done that? You feel really bad, and then it goes away, and you don't know why. I try to remind myself when I feel great like this that there will be another terrible week coming someday, so I should store up as many great details as I can, so during the next terrible week, I can remember those details and believe that I'll feel great again. It doesn't work a lot, but I think it's very important to try."

I picked this book because I read a review on its cover that says
"A magnificent book ... Bone will stay with me for the rest of my life"

And it sucked hard!! I remember getting the reader's block in the middle of it. The story made sense through half of the pages up until "Bones" followed African fellow..from there it never got better til maybe the last chapters when the author made up for his lack of logic in the latest few pages.

my favorite passage:
[they're just two I picked the shortest]

"He liked to repeat himself, probably because he was
used to talking to people who didn't get it in first time"

(I just finished it right before writing this entry). Very well written sad story. If you wanna weep your heart out you should definitely go with this one cuz there isn't the slightest notion of happy ending in it. talks about memories, friend loss, childhood, abandon hood.
The novel's title comes from a song on an American cassette tape called Songs After Dark by fictional singer Judy Bridgewater. the funny part though is that I believed she's real and started looking for her song so I could relate to the main character. found out later it's all made up.

I found a song with the same title once but it was country. changed my mind didn't wanna listen to the song after that

favorite passage

"I'd had this notion there were two quite separate Ruths. This was the Ruth I wasn't pleased with, the Ruth who did the slap-on-the-elbow gesture. But the Ruth who sat beside me in my little attic room at the day's close, legs outstretched over the edge of my mattress, her steaming mug held in both her hands, that was the Ruth from Hailsham, and whatever had been happening during the day,I could just pick up with her where we'd left off the last time we'd sat together like that."


Yawarakai said...

comment on breaking dawn..

this was the best of the four books! i loved it.. i would have liked a different kind of ending.. but this still leaves a chance for her to someday write another book about the volturi and the blokes from Romania.. The Fall of the Kingdom or something lool.. as for Bella.. I always wanted her to become a vampire lol i think its cool.. as long as they keep to their diet and stuff lol..

numbing charade said...

really? mine was Eclipse.
you know I've never thought of the possiblity of a fifth book talks about the Volturi or the nomads, Boy that'll be twist if Smeyer did it!
The sad part though is that us-the fans-we're used to Bella's confusion in almost every book of the series, so we'll still look for something similar to that. obviously the auothor got a lot to measure up to lol