Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I don’t have a title for this

I'm freaking out. I had this nightmare last night in which I'm in lecture hall waiting for the test paper then test paper comes ..suddenly it's math test! wtf why math? I don't study math.I finished math1 and math2 so those nightmare should stop hunting me...and I'm nervous very nervous.first day exams usually has that impact on me but weird stuff are starting to happen.
first yesterday with the all the appendicitis delusion(for all of you ppl who worried I'm good it's all in my head that was fake appendicitis (i hope!)) then the nightmare obviously and now my head is aching but I'm considering this as the new glasses reaction so I'm back to my old glasses the purple one .the new one is red I don't think my eye sight appreciate this though.

this better turn into something good!

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Frank said...

It's weird how exams are perhaps the only thing in life that don't stress me. Everything else is just panic, like walking in a crowd. But an exam, no. I'm just relaxed and comfortable.