Friday, May 16, 2008

seven more months

sometimes I wish if I could just sit back and watch myself get my stuff done the way I pictured them done in my head if you know what I mean.

I'm the kind of person that you will know in your life with the most wild and aspirant expectations and with this great love to teach and be taught how to do new things will help 'em come true but never take actions to watch those expectations one day, if you knew me also you'll get sick of this I know this because I got sick of it myself. struggling every single day with the day-to-day basics, from the confrontations with my fears which includes self reliance problems, false egotism to the fact that I seek perfection in almost every freagin choice I make.

I go back and I think of my childhood days, the way I used to banish myself from everybody, the way I used to think that life consists of two girls I knew and my family, the way I lived in my own little fort .. I relate to those days a lot lately.

it is true though I built a fort for myself it was near my moms closet in the corner I wouldn't let anyone go there and have this huge blanket as its door .. the door of my fort

boy i miss those days .

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