Saturday, May 31, 2008

cook <3

finally.... we officially finished the schools .it's a fact though we still got to go through the so-called finals to graduate this semester entirely but the idea of no longer attending regular classes is relief itself. so two more weeks and no longer we talk of schools , CAN'T WAIT just can't.
I'm not so sure when I'm gonna start the studying though but I need two days at least off from everything or that body of mine is going to start reacting in weird system and god we don't wanna go know what's really the problem with finals weeks or the weekends before major test ? the days ! they go way slower than usual.Unbelievable the process of this life , and I've done so much in those two days to enjoy myself as possible as I can . yet, oh how I miss vacations already. anywho one of those things was getting all David Cook (such an amazing artist!!)Youtube videos and this song is my fave...actually i think I'm in love with all David's performances no exceptions* but I guess this one got stuck in my head at the moment.
it's "Billie Jean" originally performed by Michael Jackson.your first thought is Michael Jackson ? wtf right? but not true because not watching this one is waist of the half of your life and the other half is dunno I'll leave that to you ...whatever you should totally check this out.


Frank said...

David Cook's version of Billie Jean sounds like somewhat of a rip-off off of Chris Cornell's own rip-off. Personally, I prefer Cornell's version, especially the one recorded in his "Unplugged in Sweden" concert.

Try this:

If you like it, try "Call me a dog" too. Wonderful song.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. No one had said anything in a very long time. I was starting to think I had no friends...

numbing charade. said...

I've came across online comments about David Cook that he was singing Chris Cornell’s version.

On Idol results show Ryan Seacrest mentioned that David Cook had sung Chris Cornell’s version of Billie Jean — and commented that he spoke with Cornell and he loved it!

In my opinion Chris Cornell's arrangement of the Michael Jackson classic got him loads of attention and David Cook did Billie Jean justice by singing it well.
they're both fantastic performers!!!

(no problem, you remind me a lot of myself you're my first comment since this blog started)